Established in 1994, the Association of Native Child and Family Services Agencies of Ontario (ANCFSAO) is a provincial organization mandated to build a better life for all Indigenous children through promoting the delivery of culturally-based services to Indigenous children, families, and communities.

ANCFSAO acts as a resource in assisting its member agencies towards the provision of high-quality, community-based child welfare and family well-being services to Indigenous people through education and training, policy development and analyses, and research and advocacy.

ANCFSAO offers technical expertise and advice on all matters relating to child and family well-being to the First Nations its member agencies serve.

ANCFSAO’s membership is comprised of 10 mandated and 2 pre-mandated Indigenous Child and Family Services Agencies. Our member agencies provide over 60 Indigenous child and family well-being programs and services to 119 of 133 First Nations and urban centres across the province.

In total, ANCFSAO’s members serve 90 percent of all First Nations communities in Ontario. We are deeply honoured to serve our member agencies and to provide the reach, coverage, and service delivery we do as a result of our valuable relationships with them.